What a pleasure it was to be apart of this great internal marketing campaign created by Michael Janda. In a full collaborative effort the RiSER creative team came up with famous “RiSER-ized” sayings from heroes and villains from multiple genres. I then created illustrations of each character. The illustrations and sayings were then merged together into posters that hang in the RiSER office, business cards, t-shirts, and desktop wallpapers.

Some of the “RiSER-ized” sayings include: Spock, “Live long and RiSER.” Hulk: “RiSER smash! ”Darth Vader: “The RiSER is strong with this one.” and Spider-man: “With great RiSER comes great responsibility.”

Thanks again to the entire RiSER team, this was definitely a fun project to be a part of.

Agency: RiSER


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